A Complete Guide of Wedding Place Card Holders


During your wedding, it is absolutely crucial to make sure that the bride and groom remain the center of attention. Of course, the other attendees shouldn’t be ignored! The wedding’s other participants should also feel appreciated, respected and important. With this in mind, there are different items that can help. Favors will show your guests that you appreciate and love them. At the same time, designing the right wedding place card holders will guarantee that your guests know how much you care. In this comprehensive and complete guide, you’ll learn all there is to know about place card holders for weddings.

What Are Place Card Holders?

There isn’t some magically theory or complex meaning behind place card holders. They’re nothing complicated or difficult to comprehend. Instead, they’re nothing more than simple place card holders. They are specifically designed to hold the place cards, which will tell your guests exactly where to sit! With that being said, there is still something special about this specific part of your wedding. The holders can actually serve another purpose.

These holders can be very stylish and can be designed in numerous manners. With the right holders, it is possible to add style to your wedding, while also serving the practical purpose of showing your guests where they sit. Since the minor details matter greatly, it is vital to put an enormous amount of effort into finding the right card holders.

An Endless Array of Possibilities

When it comes to some decorative items of your wedding, the possibilities are slim. You only have so many venues to choose from and there are only 365 days a year. This can limit some of your choices, but you shouldn’t fret, because the freedom is returned, when you turn to place card holders. The varieties are true endless. In fact, your head might spin right off of your shoulders, when you begin exploring some of the potential possibilities.

Whether you’re looking for something entirely simple or intricate and complex, you’ll have options. If you’re trying to find a silver, metal decoration to serve this purpose, you’ll find suitable décor. As long as you can think about it, you can make it happen. If the items are capable of holding a piece of paper, they’ll work for your wedding place card holders! Just stay within the scope of your wedding theme and color scheme and your holders will work excellently!

Before Buying: Consider The Parameters

Before you attempt to begin exploring wedding place card holders, it is vital to know the parameters needed for your wedding! Regardless of the specific style and color that you decide to choose, there are some things that must be present! As mentioned above, the decoration needs to hold the card perfectly. At the same time, it is essential that you have enough of these decorations! Due to the practical purpose that these serve, you’re going to need a single card holder for each wedding guest! By delivering RSVP cards by email or snail mail, you’ll be able to get a close figure of the number of guests, who will be attending. Use this to purchase the right amount.

Where To Buy

Once you’ve gotten a good estimate of attendees, you’ll want to start looking for suitable wedding place card holders. With this in mind, you should know exactly where you can purchase these decorations. They’re very similar to other table decorations and can be purchased in the same stores. Checking your local wedding boutiques is always a good idea. However, you shouldn’t be afraid to think outside of the box, since this will allow you to discover unique ideas! Below, you will be able to discover the different locations to buy these items.

• Local Boutiques – There are certainly a lot of benefits that can be achieved, by shopping at local retail stores. You’ll be able to look at the items, before you make your purchase. Communicating with the staff in person can help you formulate ideas, find deals and ask necessary questions. Although their initial stock might be limited, they can most likely special order items from their catalog, which provides you with many more options.
• Online Retailers – With online retailers, there are some benefits and disadvantages. For starters, you’ll be able to find a much larger assortment online, since you can browse various retailers within a short period of time. It is also possible to get cheaper deals online, since shopping around is easier. Of course, shipping time and costs can be a drag, especially if you’re in a hurry.
• Seek Out Hobbyists – If you’re serious about making your wedding unique, you’ll want to seek out hobbyists. These individuals like to work with their hands and many of them create decorative items that can be used for weddings. By browsing their collection, you’ll be able to find a wide assortment of unique and charming wedding place card holders. Of course, research will be needed to make sure that the dealer sells good items and delivers quickly.

Although it is best to only purchase from one of these, it is always acceptable to explore the selection of each. This will give you the ability to find the widest selection possible, which will guarantee that you find exactly what you want.

Be Sure To Consider Font

Many couples failed to examine the minor details for their place cards, but it is a good idea to check out the different fonts. You obviously don’t want your font to look like it would belong in a comic book. Instead, check with the wedding boutique and explore their different font options. There really isn’t much to the font besides its size and how it looks. Just make sure that you choose something the strikes the eye in the right light.

Get The Spelling Right

It is vital to remember that some of your guests are going to have names that are difficult to spell! In order to show your appreciation for your guests, it is a good idea to make sure that their names are spelled correctly! You should take a few extra steps to make sure that this is done. Thankfully, learning to spell their names can be very simple! Whenever you send out your invitations, you should make sure to include RSVP cards. This will allow you to accomplish two purposes. First, you can ask them to write their names, which will conquer the spelling problem. On the other hand, you’ll find out exactly who is coming, which will help you figure out the specific number of card holders you need!

Tips for Choosing Wedding Place Card Holders

Now that you know the exact number of card holders needed for your wedding, it is time to take a look at all of the potential card holders that can be used. Suffice to say, you’ll likely be blown away by the possibilities. Be sure to use the tips below to help you choose the right ones for your wedding.

• Suit Your Environment – Environment can be a very important factor, when it comes to place card holders. Outdoor weddings should have holders that match the outdoor environment and atmosphere. Think about using wooden ornaments or fruits for an outdoor wedding.
• The Theme and Color Scheme – Of course, these items should mesh perfectly with your wedding’s theme and color scheme. Classic weddings should use white holders, while modern weddings can utilize a massive array of different colors. Keep the harmony to make everything beautiful!
• Consider Making Your Own – Since there really isn’t much to these decorations, you should definitely consider making your own. Anyone that enjoys a little arts and crafts will be able to perfectly design and manufacturer some intricate and elegant wedding place card holders for their own wedding. Just make sure you have the time to do it, before getting started.
• Explore The Ideas of Others – Exploring the ideas of others is an exceptionally good way to expand your repertoire. Although you might not want to take the entirety of their holders, you can use their ideas for inspiration for developing your own!
• Name The Holder – If you want to simplify the card holder, you should think about placing the name directly on the holder. For instance, you could use small chalkboards and write each guest’s name on them. At the end of the wedding, these can be given away as favors.

By using the tips above, you will be able to ensure that your holders mesh together perfectly with the entirety of your wedding.

Making The Seating Arrangements

Of course, there is still one major dilemma looming over your head! You’re going to need to put together your wedding’s seating arrangements. This is a major dilemma, which can cause a lot of complications. It can be downright difficult to know where to put everyone, in order to make them happy. How does one go about this process and get it done right? By reading the tips below, you’ll find out!

• Seats vs. Tables – A lot of soon to be married couples will attempt to solve the problem easily, by assigning tables, instead of seats. This can be a good idea, since it will give each of your guests the ability to choose a specific seat their assigned table. Assigning seats means that you’ll need to spend a little extra for escort cards and place cards. Still, it is nice to know that you have options and you should contemplate them all!
• Don’t Fret About It – Many couples put too much emphasis on their seating arrangements, which causes them to fret about it too much. It is best to make sure that you remain care free, during the planning process. Although this might be difficult to do, it will ensure that you enjoy the process much more. Assign seats, but make it clear that people can get up and move around, as long as they do so, before the wedding ceremony starts!
• Bride and Groom Seats – It is vital that the bride and groom are seated correctly in the room. Since they’re going to be the center of attention, they should remain in the center of the room! To add more emphasis to their chairs, you should consider give them more personalized chair covers and their table should be decorated with a more luxurious centerpiece.
• Choose The Right Seats Per Table – Remember that the specific size of your table will help to determine the specific number of chairs that will work. You obviously do not want to overcrowd the table, since this would make everyone uncomfortable. It is typically best to stick with six people for each sixty inch round table. If you’re trying to squeeze out room, you might be able to get nine or ten people to a sixty inch round table, but this is pushing it to the limit.
• Escorts and Cards – If you’re going to assigning a seat to each person, you should make sure to choose escort cards as well. This will help your guests find their table! Next, you’ll want to consider hiring escorts. These individuals will be able to directly guide your guests to their seats. Although it might be a little more costly, you should consider adding escorts, because they can make your guests feel extremely important! You may be able to find volunteers to fill this role. Also, you should speak with the catering, since they might allow their wait staff to serve as escorts.

The seating arrangement issue is certainly a big one, but it cannot hurt your wedding. Your guests will behave regardless. Therefore, you should have fun with it and consider leaving it open for a period of time!

Consider Using Pictures

If you’re interested in adding a bit of personality to each of your card holders, you should know that you can do so very easily. All you really need is some pictures of your guests. With the popularity of social media, you will most likely be able to collect them online with ease. Of course, it is a good to ask for permission from your guests, before you begin swiping their pictures.

Once you’ve gotten a decent number of pictures, you’ll want to get your hands on some picture frames, or some other type of item that can hold the pictures. Make sure to put a good amount of effort into the frames, since they’ll be an integral part of the decoration. At the same time, these pictures can be given away as favors at the end of the wedding, so you will want them to be very attractive. Either way, the finished picture place card holders can be used to show your guests exactly where they should sit.

Small Wooden Card Holders DIY

Are you interested in hosting an outdoor wedding and want to be able to do it yourself? If this is the case, you will want to consider creating some beautiful and elegant wooden place card holders for your wedding. Suffice to say, this is totally simple and can be completed within a few hours. The hardest part of the project will be trying to track down the appropriate type of wood!

Since wood comes in a variety of different types, it can be difficult to find the right kind for your wedding. If you live in the big city, you might not have access to trees very easily. Either way, you’ll want to find the right wood that works for your wedding! Remember to consider the different colors, since maple wood looks different than birch. Once you’ve gotten the wood, you can take a saw and cut them into small little chunks. Finally, make a slit right down the middle and put your card in the slot. These work like a charm, especially for fall and southern weddings.

Cork Card Holders

If the wooden idea suits your needs, but you’re unable to get your hands on the appropriate wood, you will want to consider alternating the wood with cork! Creating a place card holder out of a piece of cork is just as simple, but might be a little more costly. Obviously, you don’t want to chug down hundreds of bottles of wine, in order to get your hands on the number of corks needed. Thankfully, they’re available at many stores and can be purchased online with ease. At the same time, they’re somewhat inexpensive. Heck, you should be able to purchase one hundred for right around ten dollars!

Once you’ve gotten your cork, you’ll have options to play around with. You can cut the slit into the slimmer portion of the cork and allow it to stand up long ways, or you can cut it down the middle and sit it flatly on the table. Either way, the project is simple, quick and creates wonderful wedding place card holders for all types of weddings!

Vintage Key

Victorian and Tudor themed weddings will need a very unique, wedding place card holder. Well, nothing will be more deserving than the vintage key. The key represents mystery, initiation, and knowledge, which can be adapted into these wedding themes.

The antiquity gold finish will definitely fit into the color scheme, as well. You will need to create some personalized name tags, so that you can attach them onto the top of the key with a white twine or ribbon. This will make a unique place card holder that can be given to your guests, as wedding favors.

Lucky Horseshoe

If you hoping for a lot of luck on your wedding day and for your future, you will need to envelop the lucky horseshoe into your wedding décor, because it is a lucky charm that will bring you lots of luck. The rustic metal horseshoe will be the perfect place card holder, especially if you are having a country themed wedding. You can purchase these, as a bulk item at online wedding décor shops, so be sure to do a little shopping around, before you actually purchase them.

You can have these personalized or create your own place cards, because you will need to attach them to the horseshoe. This will surely help your guests find their seats, without difficulty. Plus, you can offer these as wedding favors, so that you will not have to purchase a separate gift for your guests.

Place Card Holder Board

Being creative should be your motto, especially, when it comes to planning your wedding. A seating place card holder is necessary, since you will need a way to organize the seating arrangement and help your guests find their seat with ease. The place card holder board will help you save some money and a lot of time. You will need a few supplies to complete this task including:

• Suitable Fabric
• 4” Ribbon
• Stick Pins
• Formal Paper
• Computer
• Printer
• Corkboard
You will need to find a template online, so that you can create and print the place cards. Make sure that you choose a fabric that will fit into your wedding theme and color scheme. Wrap the fabric around the corkboard and secure it tightly with the stick pins and then align the ribbon on the board perfectly. Leave about 2” in between each ribbon, so that you can place the cards onto the board very easily. Secure the ribbon in place with the stick pins. Fold the cards in half and drape them over the ribbon in an organizing fashion.

Place the board on an easel and where everyone will be able to visibly see it. Preferably at the entrance of the reception hall, this way each guest will be able to find their place card, before they enter the facility. This beautiful creation will wow your guests and keep the guest seating very organized.

Tiny Little Flowers and Card Holders

If you want to be able to go all out and accomplish two goals with a single item, you should consider creating beautiful tiny flower place card holders. These items can work exceptionally well for a wide range of weddings. Again, you’ll have a variety of different options to choose from! It is best to start with your vase. There are several different items that will work. You can easily purchase some tiny terra cotta pots that will work for the task at hand. It is also possible to create your own vases, by using eggshells. This is much less costly, but not nearly as durable.

Next, you’ll need to get your hands on some soil. Of course, you can also use water gel. As long as your little flowery friends are able to access water, you should be fine. It is also possible to take an alternative route and choose fake flowers. Either way, you should introduce the flowers next! If you choose live flowers, it is possible to give these items away as favors. After the flowers have been set in place, you’ll want to attach your nametag. This can be done in several different ways. You could attach a nice ribbon around the pot, which will hold your nametag. On the other hand, it is possible to use a stick and push it down into the soil. Attach the nametag to the stick and you’re set!

The Christmas Ornament

If you’re going to be holding your wedding during Christmas, you will want to incorporate this special day into the big event. Suffice to say, there are several ways to do this, but nothing works better than a nice Christmas ornament. Truthfully, almost any Christmas ornament will work. Whether you choose the round ones or square ornaments, you can easily attach the place card to the circular ring. Once this is done, you can ensure that the holder sits perfectly on the table. Make sure that your cards perfectly mesh together with the color of your ornament.

Tea Light Candle Place Card Holder

If you want some cheap, but effective card holders, you’ll want to consider using tea light candles. Creating wedding place card holders with these candles is almost effortlessly really and the overall cost is next to nothing. You can purchase a massive bag of tea light candles for less than ten dollars. You shouldn’t need more than two hundred of these candles, so it shouldn’t cost you more than twenty dollars, if that.

Once you’ve gotten your candles, you might want to think about decorating the bases a little. You can add color to some of the bases, if you want. Next, you’ll need to attach the holder portion. This can be done with a paper clip. Simply force one end of the paper clip down into the candle. Next, you’ll want to bend the other end, so it will hold the card. Finally place the cards and put the holders in the right spots throughout your venue! This is a cost effective, simple and practical DIY wedding place card holder that everyone can pull off!

The Hershey Kisses Place Card Holder

Many people want to make sure that their place card holders are actually worth the money and won’t be thrown away, once the wedding has ended. Thankfully, it is possible to create some excellent place card holders, by using candies! Of course, numerous couples have decided to use those delicious little Hershey Kisses. These cute, delicious candies can work very well for your place card holders. Putting them together is fairly effortless and well worth the time!

All you really need is a large number of Hershey Kisses. You should be able to get enough by purchasing a few individual bags. Once you have the candies, you’ll need some toothpicks or paper clips! You should already have the idea. The paper clip or toothpick should be forced into the chocolate. This little stick will hold the nametag. Once your guests find their seats, they will not be able to fight off the urges and will be obligated to eat the candies!

Candle Place Card Holder

If you’re interested in killing two birds with a single stone, you’ll want to consider taking this route. All you need is some nice candles. Of course, this can be done in several different ways and each method will ultimately impact the overall budget. First and foremost, it is possible to purchase the candles and vases and follow the route of the tea light candles. All you need to do is get some paper clips or tooth picks, which will be used to hold the nametag. Of course, this isn’t your only option.

It is also possible to personalize your candles! With the right customization, it is possible to add words and phrase to the face of the candles. Yep, you guessed it! You will want to add the names of your guests to the candle faces. You can also add other things, such as the date and location of the venue or even some romantic words. Once this is done, you will be able to use these candles to show your guests exactly where to sit. Suffice to say, this will be a little more expensive, but it can be much more elegant, plus your guests will certainly want to take the candles home with them! This can work exceptionally well as your place card holders, as well as favors. Everyone loves candles and your guests are definitely no different!


At the end of the day, you should remember that your wedding place card holders might be a small aspect of the wedding, but they’re extremely important! You need to make sure that the card holders are beautiful, luxurious and match your wedding theme and color scheme. At the same time, it is vital to ensure that this item serves its practical purpose of showing your guests where to sit. Although you don’t have to do it yourself, your options will be expanded if you do! Don’t be afraid to experiment, have fun with it and you will undoubtedly discover some amazing place card holders for your wedding! Remember that this is your big day and it should cater to your needs perfectly! Therefore, only your opinion matters and you shouldn’t be afraid to splurge!

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